Maintain Empty Site (weeds , grass etc)

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Maintain Empty Site (weeds , grass etc)

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Hello All ,

I have an empty site 30x40 and it surrounded all constructed houses on all sides, back etc. There is a constant complain by the neighbors that lot of weeds are coming in the site and they are demanding for me to clean every 3 months and dispose of all the weeds and grass etc in a tractor. I stay from this place and they are calling me frequently putting all kind of pressure, like mosquitos, malaria, dengue, asthma and all sort of problems they are facing.

I have no plans to construct a house for the next 5 to 6 years for sure, what can be done to prevent weeds to grow.

Can I put some tarpaulin sheets or some other material/cuddapa stones or some other cheap stones on top so that weeds do not grow? What is a cost-effective solution for me?

Please suggest?
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Re: Maintain Empty Site (weeds , grass etc)

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rent the site to someone who needs it for parking or storage of some material.
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