BBMP Plan approvals and Letter?

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BBMP Plan approvals and Letter?

Post by sun »

Need some inputs here -

When I had applied for building plan approvals, there was a file submitted and to BBMP engineer and I received signed plans - 6 copies. It was signed on the same drawing.

I had taken a loan from a bank, and now that audit season is going on, bank manager seeking a "License" document, when I gave this signed plan to him, he says, along with this, there will another "Green color" letter in BBMP letter head called as "License" document which will have License #, validity, rules etc. However, I never got that from BBMP.

Does anyone one know what is he talking about?

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Re: BBMP Plan approvals and Letter?

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Hello, Just wanted to check if you eventually managed to get the Plan license from bbmp?
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