Building our dream house

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Re: Building our dream house

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sunil18vns wrote:
April 16th, 2022, 8:28 pm
deepakss83 wrote:
March 25th, 2022, 11:26 am
Hello Friends,

Anyone recently opted for upvc windows, any input regarding which is economical upvc or wood windows and some genuine contacts for upvc would be helpful.
Go for Lesso brand from Eiti...economical rate at around 350 psft...
Thanks Sunil, I will check with them.
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Re: Building our dream house

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RashmiL wrote:
June 24th, 2021, 8:40 pm
Today we had gone to buy wood for door frames. We had a total of 3 main doors, 2 puja doors, 5 balcony & utility doors, 6 room doors and 8 toilet doors. In total 24 vaskal frames of varying length. Except 1 teak wood door and 1 puja door rest all were Australian honne.

We had gone to 3 different saw mills. We got 3 different quotations of 2.12 lakhs, 1.87 lakhs and 1.75 lakhs.

So we finally settled at saw mill who quoted 1.75 lakhs. Honne quality is pretty much standard through out all saw mills and we got it a price of 2200 Rs per cubic feet.

For teak wood we went with Burma border grade 1 teak at 4k per cubic feet . We did not wanted teak wood at all, but finally had to settle for teak wood only for peer pressure(every passer talked about teak as if it is gold). Finally we gave up. Also we went with 8 feet frame with 8x4 inch width. As it was not standard length, we will receive it when log is cut presumably tomorrow.

However 3 things happened,

1) We had done our research and gone to several saw mill even before we called our carpenter.And we first went to the saw mill where carpenter suggested. As quoted above the price difference between that mill and one we brought was whopping 37k. 37k difference for just 1.75 lakh material, a huge margin of more than 20%. So I would urge all not to blindly trust anyone in construction industry no matter who referred them. Do your due diligence. Btw this carpenter was at least honest with wood requirements. As I have said earlier the other carpenter whom we had called before finalizing had quoted a requirement of more than 12 cubic know how to measure wood yourself.

Here is the formula

Length x breadth x width (all in inches ) / 1728.

2) Australian Honne is one wood which is easily available and quality is pretty much consistent throughout all mills. Rates are pretty much standard.currently it is available between 2200-2250 Rs per cubic feet. Do not buy anything above it. Quality unless goofed up due to storage areas is consistent throughout. This is one wood which will give you peace of mind while buying. Only point which needs to be checked is if lengthy wood pieces of 7ft and above should not have bends. If taken care nothing to worry.

3) The merchants can reduce prices by reducing GST.Remeber GST is not added on the retail price. GST is mandatory, but at what cost price is flexible. Ask discount in that. They will give. Finally last word, even before you hit saw mills, take time to research market . Today we saved 37k just for one day market research.
Hi Rashmi,

Can you please dm me contact of the Honne supplier ?
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Re: Building our dream house

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Your posts are very informative and sharing so much in detail is really an eye opener for me and keep learning so much from your experiences. I have also made lot of research on Wooden doir frames and I found SLV saw mills near Mysore Road metro station is genuine snd they are equipped with imported machinery and even have oven for seasoning the wood . Rates are reasonable. Its location SLV Saw Mills & Wood Industries
098450 32484
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Re: Building our dream house

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Any one reliable labour contractor near electronic city ? what is the current labour contract price for red bricks construction ?
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Re: Building our dream house

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Contact my contractor Salim +91 81471 61826. Very reliable and timely construction
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