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Re: Upvc windows dealers

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Sharing my thoughts.

Since we are planning to use upvc windows and doors, I spent a day checking out various companies and here are my observations based on the order in which I visited them

1. Veka Experience Centre(MG Road)- Fit and Finish was a mixed bag. We checked out both White and Wood finish options. They claim to be German Technology but tailored for Indian customers. Finishing in White samples was below average. The whiteness wasnt white enough and the polish(look and feel) did not appear to be "German Tech". The wood finish samples were comparatively better and looked upscale. However, the sliding mechanism and Casement Opening mechanism was neither smooth nor consistent. When I asked the if this is one-off issue OR its the same that we get, I got a reply saying "What I see there is exactly what I get". The mosquito mesh track on sliding window was pathetic. They dont use the same track/mechanism as they use for windows. The handles used for windows and doors looked built-to-cost, not at all user friendly and very very limited options.
Price wise-550 Rs/sqft approx and wooden finish costs twice. 5mm clear glass provided. Toughened Glass Extra, Window Grill Provision Extra.
Balcony Door mechanism(sliding) was also below average and they did not have French Door sample for viewing.

2. Deceuninck Centre (Near ESI Hospital, Indiranagar)- Quality was top notch. Fit and Finish was amazing. The white profiles were near perfect and wooden finish were also good. We really liked the French Doors for balcony (180 degree folding) and all kinds of wooden finish were top notch. Casement Windows are slightly expensive than sliding and wooden finish costs twice as that of white colour. 15 years warranty for white and 10 years warranty for wooden finish. 6 mm clear glass provided. Toughened Glass Extra. They do have provision for grills for casement windows. Handles and accessories looked premium. White starts from 750 Rs/sqft and wooden finish costs twice

In both the cases above, the sales person explained their offerings in a very nice and knowledgeable ways. But but but, house construction is a unique and not one-size-fits-all activity. They had hard time understanding our customizations and were unable address our queries. All their replies were leaning towards "This is the standard. You choose among the options". After rephrasing our queries, they mentioned that their vendor will contact us and clarify all our queries. Fair enough, I said. Atleast I got an idea

3. Fenesta Experience Centre(Near ESI Hospital, Indiranagar)- I should say this was "THE BEST". Fit and Finish was so good that we have to see it to believe it. The tracks, channels, casement mechanism was top notch. White samples were perfect(but Deceunuck had better White). Wooden finish were,well, Finished like wood. The casement window mechanism was just about perfect. Neither too tight to operate nor too lose to get swayed by wind. The sliding mechanism(both mesh and windows) were perfect. Bathroom windows had pull down mosquito mesh as well. Balcony Doors/French doors were same as Deceuninck. The handles and accessories options were comparatively more and looked very very upscale. Provision for grill and customizations available. 6 mm toughened glass comes as standard. Fly in the ointment, you guessed it right!. They dont work on per sqft basis. They have their own software which throws out a final price based on choices/options that are keyed in. Which means, I cant even compare with other options, unless I get a quote(which would need a window schedule). A single shutter here or there will mess up the calculation(read:non linear). But if it offers any consolation, wooden finish costs 20% approx more than white.
Key highlight- The sales person here explained what they have as standard models. She also heard our requirements, understood what we want and gave us lot of ideas on how they can customize it to suit our needs.

One of my acquaintance has got fenesta installed at his home and I tried to understand the cost/sqft based on what he paid. My reverse calculation came out to approx 5000-5300 per sqft all inclusive for wooden finish (windows and balcony doors all in wood finish with grill)

Next step is to go and check out wooden windows, mostly teak family(Ghana, Tanzania, Burma Border, Hunsur, Aussie). Analyze how much it costs all inclusive(material, labour, grill, glass, polish, paint etc).

Inputs/Feedback/Suggestions to help me decide are most welcome :)
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Re: Upvc windows dealers

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You can contact https://windowfab.in/. They have experience Centre in Rajaji Nagar. 50meter away from Rajajinagar metro station.
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