Electrical Fittings

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Re: Electrical Fittings

Post by tendlu »

what does VFM switch mean and is the benefit?

are all legrand model (mylinc, myrius, arteor) switches VFM?
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Re: Electrical Fittings

Post by blorebuddy »

hi All
Have to buy ceiling fans, tube lights, geysers.
Planning to go for HAvells or CG fans, Philips or Havells tube lights and Racold or AO Smit geyser (horizontal type due to the low ceiling in the flat)

1. Please let me know whether these choices are good.
2. Fan - 1200mm size - is it fine? my rooms are 13*11 (+ or - 0.5 ft)
3. Looking for Recommendation on reliable shops to buy at best price in Bangalore
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Re: Electrical Fittings

Post by ardesarchitects »

Havels exhaust fans are good, use the one with mosquito louvers that opens when fan is on and closes in off mode.
Gyser racold is good and buy 25 litr only if the usage of per toilet is more than 4 members with in a span of one hour ,other wise i recommend 15 liters since it saves power and heats quickly .
1200mm fans are apt size for your rooms (cropton greaves are good )
BVK iyengar road there are lot shops with wide choice and better prices ,all the items for one flat can be brought in one hatch back car filling back seat too.

Good luck

Ardes Architects and Interior Designers
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Re: Electrical Fittings

Post by nagzzz »

Hi all.
I am looking to buy switches from Schneider electric. Can anyone please let me know the discount level on the same.
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Re: Electrical Fittings

Post by mudude12 »

Bought Havell's geyser and fans from MORE today. Since I needed them in bulk and was short of funds, converted into EMI. Got 25% discount on the geyser on MRP since there was a offer this day. As the total amount was big, they gave me some freebies and also an assured microwave oven. Hope I got a good deal.
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Re: Electrical Fittings

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Hi Guys

I am planning to buy Great White Switches - 58% Net discount without bill and Switches net rate is 37 for Myrah model - Please suggest -
Senthil ;)
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Re: Electrical Fittings

Post by tendlu »


if you don't mind, can you please share the shop name with contact information for electrical switches?
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Re: Electrical Fittings

Post by otymuthiah »

Hi - For Anchor Roma you can visit - Meenashi electricals- www. meenakshielectriccorpn.com/ you can search in internet near Chickpet , S.V.Lane- Roma Switches net price is 32 and Discount without bill is 59% , And for Great White switches - The Marketing executive number is 8884144521
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Re: Electrical Fittings

Post by ausraja »

My experience in buying wires and electric items like switches , sockets , plates , MCB and holders were tiresome.

For Wires:

I avoided finolex because of the duplicates and brought havells wires from havells galaxy shops and strangely the price difference from that of shops in BVK and chickpet didnt vary a big difference from that of havells galaxy which is the company's authorized shop.

For electric items like switches , sockets , plates , MCB and holders:

I got the quote for GM , Anchor (ROMA , CONA) and Havells(verona brand).The biggest diffence that i notices wad that Anchor items are extremely cheap (A switch from Roma costs 10 rs where as that of legrand is 32 and GM is 22).

The final cote that i got for my list of items was 21500 for CONA , 28000 to 30,000 for GM ( i verified in 4 diff streets in GVK road) and 32,000 to 40,000 for havells(havells price from havells galaxy only).My electrician told a strict NO for Anchor items due to duplicates and quality for which i dropped Anchor.

I started deciding on GM/Havells ,

The negative of GM is that there is only one type of Fat switch and diff is only in plates but the price across majority of stores were very consistent(not more than 1500rs diff across 4 stores).I had to drop this as the options are limited and ther eisnt a big price diff to that of havells/legrand.

The positive of havells was that Havells galaxy is a authorised dealer and you feel that you are in a better place and not in a marvadi shop who dont remember your face 1 minute after you do a cash payment.I also noticed that in most of this marvadi shop getting a replacement for a faulty item is no easy deal(if you notice 3 customers in a shop then 2 are new buys and last one is an unsatisfied old customer having a product which had a defect).In addition to this i noticed that Havells gives door delivery + free service in the site for any faults in the product up to 10 yrs(if you have a bill by paying TAX).I also noticed that the prices due to discounts veries from different havells galaxy shops(32,000 to 40,000).

I brought all my items from havells galaxy by paying 32K , ie 3 to 4K extra compared to that of the marvadis of chickpet ,BVK and i am happy about the deal.In addition to this i want to say a strict no to the Havells galaxy shop in RT street in BVK as he is not interested and gives a heavy bill for residential customers.I have also not enquired about havells products in any of the marvadi shops.

I didnt want to be penny wise pound foolish.Hope this helps and happy shopping.
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Re: Electrical Fittings

Post by pribaaji »

very informative post @ausraja.Thank you.
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