Labour contract

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Re: Labour contract

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raghav21 wrote:
October 25th, 2018, 12:07 pm

I am getting house construction done in NGEF layout (Mallatahalli lake) near Nagarabhavi and my Mestri (Satya) is very reliable with good knowledge/ skills. He spends lot of time at construction site by supervising activities. His labour work has very great finishing for all walls and i highly recommend his name for your construction.

You can refer my name as 'Raghavendra' and you can visit 2-3 constructions with him which he has undertaken for your understanding.
Planning to start construction in 2 months. Can you send contact details of your Mestri to please?
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Re: Labour contract

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Hi I am Ajith kumar, planning to start construction , could you please send mason number
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Re: Labour contract

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I am planning to start construction very soon, please suggest reliable labour contractor near electronic city .
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Re: Labour contract

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Contact Rajesh from ARVA, he is young engineer but dedicated guy. He is doing my project. +918073005840
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