LED Lights

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KVS Setty
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LED Lights

Post by KVS Setty »

Hello to all,
We all know the present day trend in lighting is LED lights for residential houses as well as for offices. But when we go for branded LED light fixtures ( like Syska, Wipro, Havels etc.) the costing is almost double when compared to unbranded LED's with same wattage and lumen.(available at chickpet and BVK Iyengar road areas).

Does any one here have some experience with this unbranded or Local branded LEDs.
Please share your information/ experience regarding LED lights in general.
KVS Setty
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Re: LED Lights

Post by msn1270 »

Last year I tried Wipro Make 0.5 W LED Decorative Light - 2 Nos @ Rs. 120/each as night lamp. Unfortunately both bulbs failed within a week time.(http://www.shopclues.com/wipro-0.5-watt ... green.html).

Same way, w.r.to the CFL lights, I find huge difference between Philips & other brands like Wipro, Bajaj or everreaday. Philips CFL Bulbs gives more
brightness & also has longer LIfe. But rest of them even though claim same wattage, I don't see neither similar brightness nor lasting life & are very
unreliable. Same way we get CFL lights on Roadside on evenings as cheap as Rs. 25 -40 for a 18W CFL. They are just use & Through and do not have
reliability nor life.

Its not only the Brand makes the Product Costlier, also quality of the raw materials, manufacturing process & the reliability makes the difference.
Even though we may get unbranded products at rock bottom prices. There is no reliability & the efficiency compared to the good quality one .
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Re: LED Lights

Post by Chida_gs »


Always buy only Philps brand for CFL or LED Lights, they are more reliable and efficient.
Never purchase Eveready (Might be duplicate ones), they don't last for 1/2 weeks, when we ask about their quality at shops they inform it is due to your voltage fluctation the Lights are gone. But when Philips brand are used they gives longer life (Bit costly compared to others, but good one)

Unbranded works well but some luck has to be their in your side :-) if they last longer life. Else it's all waste of money.
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Re: LED Lights

Post by sk1976 »

I agree that Philips lights are superior. I have also used Pasolite LEDs and have installed only 3 months back. Need to see them in the long run.
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Re: LED Lights

Post by msananthu »

Hi All,

Have a start up called Wave Design Technologies and it is into LED lighting and renewable energy.
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wave-Des ... 084?ref=hl

Given this discussion upon LED lighting, Chinese might not be a good choice as the wattage and energy consumption as well the efficiency are not always true. It's just the price factor which might seem attractive, but on the longer run it would end up eating more of your money.

Wave Design Tech is a blore based company and has complete R&D center here.. You might actually want to try these solutions to your homes and see the difference in terms of light output and build quality. All the LED lights are made out of Aluminium with a premium finish quality. The cost of it is quite low when you compare it with the likes of Philips or any other major brands around.

All of the products carry a 5 years warranty on LED's and 1 year on electronics.

Please free to ping me about your requirements and demos.
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Re: LED Lights

Post by Nivas »

LED chips though provide high lumen efficiency compared to other light sources, the thermal density is very high. in a area of few mm2 of semiconductor 70 to 80% of input power goes for heat generation and rest is only light. Biggest cause of LED Lamp failure is Mechanical\Thermal design and not electronics, if it comes to choosing a LED Lamp which last long , a layman would look at the ruggedness of mechanical design \ weight of heat sink \lamp and optics and sturdy look.

If we look closely in LED Lamps we can find these major components:- LED Chips , LED Driver & Power conditioner electronics, Thermal design, Optics, packaging. Pretty much every lamp manufacturer in market obtains semiconductors and ref designs from reputed sources, but the life of lamp depends a lot on thermal management \ mechanical design and packaging\weatherproofing and power conditioning, to cut costs latter aspects are seriously compromised. The design tools to tackle the latter components is a multi million $ investment, electronics design is almost free.
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Re: LED Lights

Post by vpbs_bak »

hi sk1976 (or others)

How's Pasolite so far ? Maybe a bit late query since we have ordered some lights from them already but wanted to know how the quality is..or any known issues that we can be prepared for.

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Re: LED Lights

Post by civil88 »

I have a friend who works for a LED MNC (called Nichia, Japan). He too has suggested Pasolite. They have showroom in Majestic and their LED tubelights are pretty affordable, at about half the cost of Philips.

The difference between low cost LED manufacturers and Pasolite as per him is that, while the lumens are high, diffusers are not used properly. That is why, you would have noticed a glare/dazzle effect when you look at the cheap/chinese LED's as they emit all the light without diffusing and this may cause eye strain also.

Would love to hear feed back from sk1976 about Pasolite.
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Re: LED Lights

Post by sk1976 »

So far no issues with most of the cool/warm white LEDs used in the false ceiling. I have used the LEDs only in false ceiling(round/square ones of 3, 4, 7, 12 watts) .The light quality also is good. I have used few LED lights(12 watt of which 8 watt is white and 4 watt blue ring) that have both white and a blue ring and two of them have failed recently and I am going this weekend to get them checked/repaired/replaced by them as they are still under warranty.

Hope they last for few years to justify their price.
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Re: LED Lights

Post by msridhar78 »

Dear sk1976,

Could you please give an indicative purchase price that you paid for pasolite LEDs? I am completely new to this, hence asking. Thanks for your help.
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