Any opinion about Dhammanagi builders (specifically Leaves)

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Any opinion about Dhammanagi builders (specifically Leaves)

Postby vpbs_bak » December 9th, 2014, 6:08 am

Does anyone know about this project or builder:

I also see another website:

It is called "Sumo Leaves" (or maybe "Dhammanagi leaves"). It is in Kanakapura Road...any opinions ?

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Re: Any opinion about Dhammanagi builders (specifically Leaves)

Postby nkr045 » October 18th, 2016, 7:57 pm

They are also cheaters like other builders. In current project (Dhammanagi Sumo Leaves) there are lot of issues such as
1. STP is not functioning since beginning (builder is not providing any solution as this will cost around 25 lacs)
2. BBMP Khata was promised and builder has taken the bribe amount from all owners, even after 1 year struggling for khata
3. Even after the owner's association is formed, builder is playing with us to handover the corpus fund (which is approximately 1.18 crores).
4. Quality of doors, windows, electrical switches and toilet commodes are not of good quality

In short, all builders are same but make sure that property related documents are legally valid and there are no litigation. Also you will end up in investing with around 2 lacs after the final price of the flat cost with lot of headaches.

Wish you all the best in property hunt..

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